Too much of a good thing?

Eric Eagan

Eric Eagan

Eric Eagan is is an avid and passionate runner living in Greece, NY. Eric tells his stories about the Western NY running scene in a unique way while sprinkling in his goals of motivating others to start running, keep running, and love running.When Eric is not running or writing about running, he is hiking the Adirondak Mountains, the Finger Lakes Trail, snowshoeing the trails and hills of Western NY, or canoeing the waterways of New York State.

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  1. Liz Neenan says:

    After a decade break from running my first race was a trail race. Not only did it get me back into running seriously again but it helped me fall in love with running in a way I never had when I ran in highschool or college. I would hate to take away that experience from someone else. That being said, trails races have been getting more and more crowded over the years. Add that to irresponsible race cordinators who have slower runners starting first and it’s a recipe for disaster, not only to runners who are at risk of falling down steep inclines when passing or being passed but also to the wildlife being trampled along the way. I’m not sure of the solution though. Cut offs for entires? Faster runners staged first or 15-20 minutes behind the slower runners? 5 minute lag time is not enough..

  2. Jeffrey Luke says:

    Love the questions you are raising. As far as races go, I do them so infrequently, I don’t think I’d have much to offer. I will say, that I ran a Tough Mudder in Toronto last year, and I believe over 2 days of racing, they had 17,000 participants. I was a bit crowded on the course. But that event is more about brotherhood, sisterhood and camaraderie than racing (it’s not timed). I have only participated in one trail race (Mendon Ponds) and it was mostly single track – which made the first mile or so tough going – but it cleared out after that.

    Now, 99% of my running is done on trails – mostly Crescent Hill. Over the last 18 months, I’ve only encountered one other runner. I do often run past hikers and dog walkers – who have no problems sharing the trails.

    Like many of you, I enjoy the peacefulness & grit of trail running – and always encourage others to try it. I can’t imagine a time when any trail system in Rochester would experience an overcrowding – other than the race scenarios you have pointed out.

    So I think you keep doing what you’re doing – promoting trail running. I love feeling part of a community – even though I haven’t had a run with you guys yet (that will change soon).

    Along with promotion comes the education part – which I think most people will get – especially if they have any interested in trail running.

    Anyway, looking forward to meeting you fine folks on the trails soon.

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