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Running With The Devil

August 19, 2014 in Trails by gfmedia

This post originally appeared on Last year…I had grand plans…. 50 mile. Devils Path. 100 mile. In that order. Funny how things worked out. The Devil tamed me mercilessly last year. I was a week out of wrapping up the Tarc 50 and was feeling pretty strong. I was a bit over confident and thought I would be able to get a decent time in on what was regarded as one of the toughest trails in America. I walked away, defeated and bailed out at 18 miles and decided not to even write a report. My legs were shot, my confidence smashed. In retrospect I believe that my attempt at Devils Path had a big part of my failure at Vermont 100 last year. However, I vowed I’d be back and try it again. I contacted Jamie and Ben to see who would be up for it again, and
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June 13, 2014 in Interview by Ben Murphy

Late last weekend, word started circulating in the trail running community that someone had broken Ben Nephew‘s legendary FKT (Fastest Known Time) on The Devil’s Path, one of the hardest hikes, let alone runs, in the United States. The Devil’s Path traverses seven of the highest peaks of the Catskill Mountains in one fell swoop clocking over 18,000′ of elevation change in less than the distance of a marathon. It is so steep and strenuous that most hikers plan on 3 days and 2 nights to traverse the path. Josh Burns’ (who owns a few other FKT’s in the Northeastern US) ran it last weekend in 5 hours and 7 minutes, shaving 28 minutes off of Ben Nephew’s seemingly untouchable previous FKT of 5:35 set back in 2010. Announcing his accomplishment with little more than a post to a few Instagram followers “The devil must be in Georgia cause I
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Tips From The Top

June 4, 2014 in Article, Interview, Uncategorized by Eric Eagan

On Friday May 30th through Sunday June 1st some of the members of the #TrailsRoc board were given the opportunity to spend time with some of the powerhouse elites of the ultra/trail community. We participated in a weekend long adventure in Ithaca as part of the Cayuga Trails 50 –  A USATF National Championship event. Ian Golden, the Race Director brought in a strong field of elite runners to go after his course. We camped with them, ate with, drank with them, ran with them, provided aid for, cheered for, and covered their races – This gave us the time to ask some questions and bring real world answers on some of the big topics in the Mountain Ultra and Trail community. Read on to see what the elites had to say about some pressing topics. Why Run Trails? What is it about trail running that you love and why should
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It’s tick season – And they are HUNGRY

May 2, 2014 in Article, Uncategorized by Eric Eagan

2014 is off to a surprisingly strong tick and flea season – Most of us in the trail community dealt with a long, cold and snow covered winter. We never got a break, with cold snap after cold snap keeping us chilled. We were convinced that a bad winter would do a number on the tick population – Sadly it seems we were wrong. Report after report are coming in to us that ticks are active and hungry right now – It seems according to new research that while ticks do die quickly if left in a freezer – They do not die while in their own natural environments. The 2 previous winter were mild and the tick population grew, with one cold winter not effectively knocking the population back down here is what you can do to prevent/ treat ticks from getting a free meal from you or your
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What Is The Best “Old School” Trail Race

March 9, 2014 in Article by Eric Eagan

The Trail Runner Blog Symposium is ripe for debate this month  – I figured I would chime in for my ultimate “Old School” trail race. I know for one, that each of the #TrailsRoc board members who have access to this page will likely have a different answer – That is part of what is so great about our sport, the fact that there are so many amazing races – and even many that qualify as Old School. This race is literally the oldest trail race in North America and still requires mail in registration. Think about that for a second – We live squarely in the height of the internet era and the online world and yet registration is done first come, first served via paper mail in registration. None of this lottery, none of this “hope your internet connection is fast and working” the minute registration opens. Just
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January 29, 2014 in Article, Gear by Ben Murphy

NOTE: This content originally appeared on Ben’s site Yup, it’s cold out. We know. Get over it. This is Upstate New York after all; our cities get more snowfall than any others in the United States. Cold and snow doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside! With the right gear, the right friends and the right knowledge, winter can be one of the best seasons of the year! It’s uniquely beautiful, challenging, and nothing is quite as calm and peaceful as newly fallen snow deep in the woods. A short while back we asked our readers what their favorite winter tips, tricks and gear were. What do folks swear by outside in the cold temps? What advice would they offer to ensure safety outdoors in the snow? Well, y’all came through! And then some. Listed below is what you said. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, and it’s
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gfmedia by gfmedia

Short Film: The Beast of Winter

January 24, 2014 in Article, Race Recap by gfmedia

NOTE: This was reblogged from Ron’s blog In 2010, Ben Murphy began his journey. 5’9″ 220lbs, 70lbs overweight by medical definitions. Ben set about to change his life and began a journey that saw him get into running, triathlons and take on adventures most people never even think of. Just a few short years ago, Ben could barely make it thru a mile. One of the first adventures Ben did was a double traverse of the Crescent Trail, one that would take him 42 miles. At 10am, on January 18th 2014, he lined up with a group of people that were just slightly as crazy as him. With temperatures in the teens and windchill pushing into the single and negative digits, runners set off for their own journeys. Some running 50 miles, other 100. All runners would face the same course. An out and back of 25 miles (12.5
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by Shme105

2013–#TrailsRoc style!

December 30, 2013 in Uncategorized by Shme105

A year-and-a-half ago, when Eric told me he was going to meet some guys from “the internets” at Red Robin for beer and discussion about a trail running group, I didn’t think much of it.  I mean, other than that it was weird that he was going to a restaurant with a group of guys he’d met on the Internet who wanted to talk about running trails.  I don’t think any of us could have predicted how that one meeting would change all of our lives profoundly and positively.  At that meeting, the guys decided to start #TrailsRoc, to bring together the trail running community and promote responsible trail use in Rochester.  What started small has become bigger than any of us could’ve imagined, and we thought it would be fun to look back at 2013 and all of the amazing, fun activities we did together!! #TrailsRoc hosted numerous group runs!  We
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WTF Recaps

December 17, 2013 in Race Recap by Eric Eagan

Well the WTF came and went – but the snow stayed – We could not have asked for more perfect conditions to kick off the winter racing season. There were so many thank yous to offer – Eric offered up some of those thanks on his site Trails2Brews here. We had amazing photographers pitch in and give us some great photos to remember the event by Mike Lesher Brian VanBuren Alex Tong Did you write a post race blog about the event? We saw a few right here – Loved them all – Thanks for the kind words – If you wrote one or know of one – Give us the link so we can add it in! We love hearing what you all thought of our events – It helps us improve. “6. Nothing can compare to the beauty of trail running in the winter. I never have found
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Do trail races result in unnecessary damage to the environment?

November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized by Eric Eagan

Each month I participate in the TrailRunnerMagazine “Blogger Symposium”. We handle somewhat controversial topics and clearly reader engaging topics. This month, we have been asked to write about the impact trail racing has on the environment and specifically does it cause unnecessary damage to the environment. As a trail advocate and someone who has been involved in the actual building and maintaing of our trails I believe the answer has a 3 fold design -Yes, No, and Maybe. No: The trail being used is already designed and users are already on it. Races can, and indeed some are starting to act in much more sustainable ways. We at #TrailsRoc mark our courses with biodegradable materials. We have trail clean up and maintenance days before and after each of our races assessing what the trail was like both before and after. We offer no cups at our water stops, and our aid
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